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TechAssure Association and its members focus everything we do on creating distinctive value for our clients. Here are a few of the top reasons that clients select a TechAssure member to manage their insurance and risk management program:

  • Clients need more technical skills and expertise to help them make informed decisions about their insurance and risk management programs.
  • Clients recognize that a successful insurance and risk management program consists of three components: Attention to general risk management matters, attention to risk concerns that are industry specific and attention to risk concerns that are unique to their firm. The TechAssure platform helps companies in all three of these areas. The niches we serve seek insurance and risk management experience handling the unique challenges important to their business and their industry.
  • Clients enjoy a community partnership with the TechAssure members. TechAssure members sit on many local and regional boards and committees of technology associations and other venues.
  • Clients need help to manage their “total cost of risk.” TechAssure members place $1 billion in premium in the insurance marketplace allowing us the leverage and expertise to help our clients drive down their “total cost of risk.”
  • Clients want a unique approach. Many of the clients and industries we serve want a program designed entirely around their unique needs. TechAssure Association manages a number of programs for associations, groups and other partners.
  • Clients want access to the best insurance markets that specialize in the technology sector. TechAssure members work with major insurance markets that focus on the unique needs of the technology sector.
  • Clients want a broker that performs. Our TechAssure members create the agenda that drives the TechAssure Association.
  • Clients want innovative approaches to helping them solve some of their most complex insurance and risk management concerns. TechAssure Association is dedicated to innovating new insurance products and risk management solutions.

What criteria are important to you as you select an insurance and risk management partner? Drop us a line. We’d like to hear from you.

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