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 TechAssure, the international nonprofit association of insurance and risk management experts for technology-related risks, has announced a new partnership with InsurTech company Indio. TechAssure members will gain access to Indio’s market leading software – designed to improve the client experience by eliminating redundancies, streamlining applications, and improving client/carrier communications.

“Building on TechAssure’s mission to improving the business landscape for companies with technology-related risks, a partnership with Indio will allow TechAssure members to offer their clients a revolutionary new client experience,” said TechAssure Executive Director, Garrett Droege. “The insurance industry must innovate and partner with those companies that are seeking to modernize the industry. TechAssure members have always been at the forefront of innovation in the industry and we are pleased to partner with the next evolution of the insurance brokerage community.”

Indio was founded in 2016 and has secured over $2M in funding from venture capital firms and insurance industry companies. Co-Founder and CEO, Michael Furlong, added, “Partnering with TechAssure is a natural fit for Indio. Being a national network of top-tier brokerages, they represent our ideal collaborators. We look forward to their input as thought-leaders and feedback from their client-base, which represents more than 5,000 technology industry clients.”


With an estimated $2B in funding this year, the InsurTech industry seeks to revolutionize the insurance business. TechAssure has previously participated in a number of InsurTech initiatives including serving as an official partner of InsureTech Connect.