While most brokers are still trying to learn what the terms spoofing and cryptojacking mean, TechAssure members have specialized in managing cyber risks for over two decades. With over a hundred unique cyber policies in the marketplace, working with an experienced broker that understands how to build a cyber insurance program that is fit for purpose is critical. TechAssure members receive continuous cyber risk education and training from the leading insurers and cybersecurity companies in the world – ensuring that working with a TechAssure member means working with a cyber insurance specialist.

  • Financial Institutions
  • Retail/Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Public Entities
  • Technology
  • Social Services/Nonprofits
  • Entertainment/Media

Cyber insurance is an area of the industry that didn’t exist 15 years ago. Today, it’s in the top 1-3 risks for virtually every industry. With a lack of experience and industry training available, few brokers do cyber well. TechAssure members are the best choice for helping your organization understand your unique cyber risk profile and designing a cyber insurance policy that addresses those risks.


Cyber Incident Response Costs
System Damage
Business Interruption
Network Security Liability
Media Liability


Hacking & Phishing
Social Engineering
Rogue Employees
System Failure

Pre/Post Breach Tools.

Cyber Claims Database.

Cyber Risk Calculators.

TechAssure members provide their clients access to the industry’s leading pre/post breach resource, eRiskHub. Our proprietary cyber hub includes access to a cyber claims attorney, cyber business interruption and data breach cost calculators, claims and cause of loss data, ransomware guidance and more. Our members position their clients to be better prepared for cyber events and control them properly when they occur.

Advanced Cyber Assessments.

Cyber Risk Guidance.

Vulnerabilities Scanning.

TechAssure members also have access to Corax Cyber, one of the leading cyber risk assessment tools available. Corax’s unique modeling platform provides deep analytics on current system vulnerabilities and recommendations to improve cyber risk hygiene. TechAssure members provide their clients with tangible security improvement recommendations to improve their overall cyber risk profile. A reduction in risk equates to more coverage options and pricing flexibility.