Manufacturing has undergone a systemic transformation and has emerged with more similarities with the technology industry than the blue-collar manufacturing sector of yesterday. With this revolution comes new risks that many manufacturers and their brokerages do not fully understand. TechAssure members have worked with technology-enabled manufacturers to ensure that robotics, machine-learning, remote-access, artificial intelligence and other emerging risks are properly managed.

  • Chemical
  • Machinery
  • Technology
  • Metal & Wood Products
  • Food & Beverage
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive

Our members’ unique focus on technology-enabled risk allows them to serve clients in the advanced manufacturing sector like few other brokerages can. From global policy coordination to the development of operating procedures, TechAssure members bring their technology risk management best practices to the future-ready manufacturing sector.


Products Liability
Manufacturers Errors & Omissions (E&O)
Equipment Breakdown
Product Recall
Workers Compensation


Employee Safety
Supply Chain
Data Breach/Cyber Incident
Vendor Due Diligence
Global Competition/Tarrifs

Safety Audits.


Incident Response.

Our members’ expertise and experience, specific to the manufacturing industry, enable them to put highly effective procedures in place to build and maintain a successful safety program. They can develop procedures containing protocols for receiving orders, design/modification, risk assessments, safeguards, labeling/communications (manuals, etc.), manufacturing, QC, sales/marketing, service, record retention, recall procedure, safety bulletins, vendor selection, cybersecurity, disposal and more. Our members also help you develop strict protocols for incident reporting – a necessary component of any safety program that must be followed.

Cyber Security.

Data Breach Assessments.

Vulnerability Scans.

Few industries are targeted by cybercriminals as frequently as the manufacturing sector. Industrial Control Systems are often highly vulnerable and exposed through a myriad of patchwork networked systems. Additionally, ransomware can result in multi-million dollar losses for factories that are forced to shut down. TechAssure members are pioneers in the cyber insurance space and have access to cyber tools and resources that most brokers do not.  Working with a TechAssure member, ensures you are dealing with a cyber manufacturing risk specialist.