From research & development to global clinical trials, life science companies face a myriad of risks. The complexity of insurance and risk management options for the life sciences industry further complicates the risk landscape for these companies. techAssure members have served the life science sector for over 20 years and work with the leading insurance markets to develop and improve coverage options and availability. And, with TechAssure’s expertise in managing cyber risks, our members can deliver cutting edge programs designed for the risks of today and tomorrow. 

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Supplements + Nutraceuticals
  • Digital Health
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Medical Product Distributors
  • Health Informatics + Diagnostics
  • Bioengineering

Due to the unique exposures and various insurance policies involved, life science companies often have gaps in their insurance programs due to insufficient broker knowledge and understanding of their industry. TechAssure members specialize in life science risk and understand how to identify the gaps in coverage and reduce the total cost of risk.


Products Liability
Professional Liability (E&O)
Directors & Officers (D&O)
Clinical Trials
Product Recall


Product Failure/Recall
Bodily Injury to Patients
Perishable Cargo
Regulatory Action/Compliance
Data Breach/Cyber Incident

Experienced in Life Sciences.

Global Broker/Policy Coordination. 

Regulatory Compliance.

TechAssure members share best practices among one another and with our industry partners. This leads to consistent education and training on the risks the life science sectors face. Additionally, our members receive regular claims updates from the network and the carrier marketplace – ensuring that our members know the nature of the claims occurring and how to model successful outcomes based on the current claims environment.

My job has been so much easier since we started working with a TechAssure member. To start, they were able to right-size our coverages and eliminate redundancies, which gave us coverage for less money. We quickly had to increase coverages and this was turned around quickly. But, the biggest impact the team has is assisting us with questions of coverage that come from customers. Having them to call on helps us stay focused on our core values, as they bring a level of expertise about liability in the digital health industry that none of us possess.

VP of Finance of an Inc500 Digital Health Company
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