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In a world of constantly advancing technology, more of our information is stored online than ever before. With greater amounts of important data being put into cyberspace, a need to protect this information is increasingly relevant. Protecting your capital with cyberliability coverage has never been easier.

The members of TechAssure can help you structure an insurance and risk management program that can save your assets and reputation when a technological error occurs. Being protected from liabilities relating to processes run by computers and other technology sources is especially important in the tech and life sciences industries. So what types of instances may require the need for network risk?

A simple but common problem in the technology industry occurs with the loss of customer data. This can happen for a variety of reasons, from the company accidentally deleting the information to the installation of defective or virus-laden software. No matter what the cause, the customer is never happy to lose their saved information. Having a solid risk management plan can help restore the relationship between you and the client and ensure a future relationship with them. It also can convey trust while building your client base and raising rounds of finance.

Taking steps to develop a solid insurance and risk management plan around your cyberliability exposures is an intelligent investment for your company. Contact us to learn more about the cyberliability insurance products and risk management services offered by the TechAssure members.

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