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Your business survives on its data. Information about your customers, products in development, budgets, and employees must remain confidential and secure if you want your company to prosper. Protecting against viruses, corporate espionage, hackers, and malware generally requires some spending on software, hardware, and training. However, some basic tips can beef up your security without cost.

Prohibit the use of any password-protected websites on mobile devices in coffee shops, restaurants, and other areas with unsecured networks. This should extend not only to accessing confidential parts of the company website but also to personal email accounts that employees use to conduct business. Hackers can use unsecured networks to break into your computer. They can also use their smartphones to physically record the usercode and password you type in.

In the office, require that any unused mobile devices be locked in a drawer or cabinet. It’s too easy for a company visitor to pick up a smartphone that’s just sitting on a desk in plain view. When not in use, monitors should be turned off either manually or automatically with screen savers. This prevents potentially sensitive data from being left on display.

Hackers can use networked cameras and microphones to look inside your company or listen to private conversations. If possible, turn these devices off or disconnect them from the network when not in use. If they must remain on, such as when built into a laptop or tablet, put a piece of black tape over the lens or microphone.

If you’d like more information on improving security for your company or how we can use out expertise to implement more comprehensive insurance and risk management solution for your network, security and privacy exposures, please contact us.

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