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There is a one defining moment for some technology firms. You know the one. A crisis will put your organization through a test. In this test, your business practices will be exposed. Your decisions will be reviewed over and over again.

The strengths and weaknesses of your management planning will be upfront for all to see.

What are the top things you can during a corporate crisis?

  1. Determine the threat to all groups within your organization
  2. Determine the threat to all outsider groups that your organization interacts with on a regular basis
  3. Develop an action plan with each
  4. Develop a crisis management strategy that addresses each group
  5. Deploy your crisis management plan
  6. Obtain actionable analysis of the potential threat to all stakeholder groups.
  7. Develop and deploy a crisis management strategy.
  8. Review, and modify if necessary, your decision-making processes for the crisis
  9. Identify any additional risks that may be emerging
  10. Place a strong communication plan so all senior executives are knowledgeable and working as a team until the company returns to normal.

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