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If your company is expanding its business overseas, you may find it daunting to deal with all the requirements of operating under multiple governing bodies. Technology and Life Science firms need the guidance and knowledge of seasoned professional insurance and risk experts when establishing a multinational presence.

Risk management is crucial for any company, and navigating the complexities of risk mitigation in different countries is a job best left to the experts. That’s where TechAssure, a global non-profit organization can be of assistance. Our members stay on top of the shifting insurance regulations, allowing you to focus on your core business processes.

We have a network of 22 insurance brokerage firms in seven countries to serve more than 4,000 clients in technology and life sciences, which your company can use to find a certified member of the insurance industry to assist you in your global business efforts.

Every company has different needs, and TechAssure’s members are qualified to provide you with service to address your general concerns about risk management as well as risk concerns that are specific to your industry or your particular company.

TechAssure’s customized approach ensures that your liability concerns will be addressed. For example, you may need help with lines of coverage for international property, international workers compensation and international automotive liability.

Our members will provide you with a global risk evaluation. They will also develop standardized insurance contracts to make sure that you are covered as you expand into new countries by, designing, negotiating and placing your multinational risk program quickly and efficiently.

A TechAssure member is standing by to help you identify areas where you can mitigate your exposure. To find out more about the benefits of consulting with a TechAssure member, please feel free to call us at 512-377-9594, xt 700.

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