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During our 2013 risk management survey, we found that executives in the Telecommunications sector were aware of the main organizational risks.

Our survey, research, and experience also revealed the top risk concerns for firms operating in the wireless telecommunication sector. Key among these risks were risk of damage to reputation, brand, and image, security, network, and privacy risks, and risk of losing a firm’s intellectual property. In addition, we found that firms operating in telecommunication sector face increasing risks of changes in regulatory, legislative, and corporate governance environment as well as potential economic conditions changes and lack of ability to develop new and innovative products and services. Other risk factors facing players in the telecommunication industry include difficulties in accessing capital, risks associated with partnerships with vendors and other strategic alliances, interruptions in business operations, and failure to attract and retain key talent.

To retrieve a full copy of the summary of the 2013 TechAssure Association Risk Survey, please contact a TechAssure member.

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