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 TechAssure Association, Inc. is hosting the inaugural meeting of its Leadership Development Council in Denver, CO the week of July 17th. The event will be held at IMA Inc., one of the nation’s largest independent insurance brokers and long-time TechAssure member. Mark Ware, Senior Vice President of IMA, who was recently elected as chairman of TechAssure Association Inc., helped to coordinate the event with the association and its strategic partners.

The event will focus on training emerging risk management professionals on a variety of topics, including: technology and life science risks, cyber risk management, leadership and business skills etc. The training curriculum was created by TechAssure leadership and founding-partner, Chubb Insurance.

“Finding educational opportunities for technology-related risk management is difficult for most agencies and brokerages,” said Garrett Droege, Executive Director of TechAssure Association. “We designed this program out of the need to help emerging risk professionals better understand technology-related risks and how to better serve innovative companies’ risk needs.”

The Leadership Development Council will continue to serve as an interest group within the trade association and give voice to new and emerging advisors. A series of educational web meetings will be held monthly to continue the educational advancement of members of the group. TechAssure hopes to usher in the next wave of technology-risk experts to help companies in all industries manage their technology and cyber risks.