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The recent high profile deaths of Americans of color have shed light sadly once more on the many systemic failures in political and societal structures that continue to plague our country. Justice should not be a variable right based off of race. It should be our collective community duty to speak out on these inexcusable injustices and regressive behaviors of those entrusted with responsibilities to protect our citizens. To do this by actively supporting appropriate reforms that would unequivocally minimize or prevent such continuing racism and inequality. 

The insurance industry exists to indemnify; to make whole again. It should be our renewed focus to dramatically increase diversity, so that we can become better allies and an opportunity to be a part of the much needed change. TechAssure’s strength is in our diversity. Our sharing of knowledge with one another and our community. Voices from all over the globe, and from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, only make the conversation more rich and valuable. 

Words are not enough. We must all take collective action where possible. For our small part, TechAssure is joining the National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA) as a partner to financially support the association’s mission to “empower African American insurance professionals” and to help ensure the diversity of the insurance industry. It is our hope that the insurance industry, including the collective TechAssure network, can help lead the way in making the positive changes needed to protect the rights and opportunities for communities of color in our industry and beyond.

Garrett Droege, CPCU, CIC
Executive Director, TechAssure

Paul Dickson, FCII
Chairman 2020, TechAssure

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