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CHARLOTTE, NC – April 26th, 2021 – TechAssure, the international nonprofit association of insurance and risk management experts for technology-related risks, has announced a new partnership with Parametrix Insurance. TechAssure members will gain access to Parametrix’s insurance products that protect tech-reliant businesses from third-party IT downtime. 

“Parametrix has created an innovative suite of products for tech-enabled businesses – the exact companies that TechAssure brokers serve.,” said TechAssure Executive Director, Garrett Droege. “Downtime has become a major exposure for companies as they move more and more of their mission-critical activities to the cloud. While the cyber insurance marketplace can address this exposure, it often comes with long waiting periods, lengthy claims adjustment processes, restrictions on the use of funds, and high deductibles. Parametrix, however, is designed exclusively for business downtime resulting from cloud outages – which is a better solution for most businesses.”

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs and data scientists, Parametrix’s highly innovative policies are based on the huge amounts of data collected by their proprietary monitoring system which tracks down to the millisecond the availability and performance of a wide range of cloud services. Their products provide businesses with a solution for a critical unmet insurance need and are relevant to any company that is looking to cover the risks of downtime incidents caused by providers of IT services such as cloud, ecommerce, payment, CRM, CDN and more. 

VP Business Development, Tsafrir Oranski, added, “TechAssure is an ideal partner for Parametrix. Their brokers are innovative and understanding of the complex risks surrounding cloud infrastructure. We are happy to partner with TechAssure to bring our suite of products to their technology-reliant clients.”


Established in 2000, TechAssure is a unique consortium of risk management experts serving innovative industries, such as technology, telecommunications, life sciences, clean tech, as well as the venture capital and private equity firms that fund them. Comprised of over 30 specialist firms located in technology hubs across the world, TechAssure members collectively serve over 5,000 clients and represent over $8 Billion in premium volume. The association also produces a proprietary annual benchmarking report for the industries it serves.


Parametrix, a first-of-its-kind insurtech company, ensures that companies with mission-critical services in the cloud can quickly recover from IT downtime events. Our insurance offerings fully protect businesses from the significant financial damages incurred during outages caused by third parties such as cloud, eCommerce, payments, CRM and CDB service providers. Based on the data generated by our innovative monitoring technology, we provide affordable parametric policies with fast payouts, short waiting periods, no usage restrictions and hassle-free processes. The company is backed by some of the biggest insurers and reinsurers including Lloyd’s of London. To learn more, please visit our website at

TechAssure Marketing Contact:
Amy Ellis
Membership + Marketing Coordinator

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